Thursday, June 2, 2011


I don't feel so hot.  When I don't feel good I always crave Chick fil A fries and a Cookies 'n Creme shake.  Today, I was tricked into ordering a banana pudding shake by that sneaky sign right in front of my face at the counter.  It was fabulous.  I highly recommend it for your sickly tummy.

Also, today they were donating 10% of the sales to tornado cleanup and/or victims in Joplin.  That made me feel slightly better about spending $5 on crap at Chick fil A when I know that I am going to buy a freaking expensive refrigerator tomorrow.  Seriously- I hate making big purchases, and with the exception of my house, this will be the biggest.  (I still have my car from when I turned 16.  That will soon be the top of my big purchases list- but hopefully not too soon!!).  Oh well- at least I am spending my money on something useful.  I will just have to sit in the kitchen and stare at the refrigerator while my friends go out and do fun things that cost money... haha.

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