Monday, November 28, 2011

Cupcakes, Cookies, Cold, and Christmas!

This post is brought to you by the letter "C."  ha!

So Cupcakes.  I made some creamsicle cupcakes the other day to take to church.  They looked like this when they came out of the oven:
Six of the 24 exploded.  I'm not exactly sure what happened since I haven't ever had that happen before.  Maybe the batter didn't get mixed well or something.  Anyway, since you can't serve ugly cupcakes, those had to be eaten straight out of the oven.  And they were delicious when they were warm.  I didn't like them as well when they had cooled.

Cookies.   We had a Thanksgiving potluck at work, and I brought cookies.  I tried out three new recipes: heart warming brownie cookies, apple raisin with lemon glaze, and banana chocolate oatmeal.  They all turned out pretty well, and almost all of them got eaten.  I think I only threw away one cookie.

Also last week my office had a "tailgate party" where we brought tailgate type food and snacked all day in anticipation of the big game between Arkansas and LSU last Friday.  Unfortunately the game was a bust, but our party was not!  Here are some cookies that I made for our party:

I also decorated my cubicle with a new border and pom poms.  haha!
I decided to leave the streamers and pom poms up and decorate my cubicle with a Razorback Christmas theme.  I'll try to get some pictures of that once it gets done.  It is a work in progress because I don't want to seem like the crazy Christmas lady since it is still November after all!

Cold.  OK I don't actually remember how cold it was or if it was hot, but for the sake of the title of my post, we will assume that it was cold.  I went to the Little Rock game when the Hogs played Mississippi State.  It was a good one.  We had an extra ticket, so my friend Melissa got to go with us.
Christmas!  I started decorating for Christmas.  This is my Christmas tree when I first put it up.
It looks a little different now since my sister decided that it needed more ornaments, and there are a few more presents under the tree.  Speaking of presents, I only have one more present to get!  I am waiting on a few more to come in the mail so that I can wrap them, but my shopping is almost done.  The only hard part about that is that I have to control my spending now since I don't have an excuse to buy more stuff.  :)

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