Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas: Part 1

So, not only is Christmas the busiest time of the year, but I have caught some disgusting illness and have been sick for the past 9 days!  Hopefully I'm on the tail end of it now, but I thought I had better write a short update before y'all forgot about me!

I made some eggnog cookies with butterscotch centers for my Sunday School Christmas party.

They were pretty good.  I didn't think they tasted like eggnog, and neither did anyone else I asked.  However, I would not be the best judge since I'm pretty sure that I have never tried eggnog since it sounds disgusting.  Yes, I'm one of those people.  :)  At least I tried the cookies.

I had some work training in Hot Springs.  I got this awesome hat.

Now, I can't remember the last time that I actually wore a baseball cap, but I'm pretty sure that you won't catch me in this one anytime soon.  :)

My friend Elizabeth had a housewarming/Christmas party at her new house.  This is me and my friend Ashley:

I don't know why the picture is so grainy.  The best I can figure is that there was not a lot of light in the room when we took the picture. 

After Elizabeth's party, I went to a party hosted by my boss.   That was a strange experience. But, it sure does make you feel good when you come in a place and everyone yells "JESSICA!!!!!!" haha! 

We had snack day at my office.  I made this peppermint twist biscotti and some chocolate candy cane cookies.

See this is taken with the same camera as the picture above with me and Ashley.  I just don't get it.  The only difference is that this one was in a room with a lot of natural light.

Also I almost had a heart attack when I couldn't find my roommate for a while.  Apparently she had a family emergency and went home for a while.  I couldn't get ahold of her and I almost called the police because I thought she was kidnapped.  Luckily, she was not.

My picture was in my sorority's national magazine, The Adelphean.  That was a surprise.  And of course it is not a super cute picture- I have my hair in a ponytail and I'm wearing my glasses.  Oh well.

Well that's enough randomness for now.  Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon and can recap the rest of this year before we hit 2012!

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  1. Did you tell your roommate she needs to give you a heads up next time she wants to disappear?