Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday randoms

1.  Today was my Friday off (I have every other Friday off), and I am starting to realize that these 2 extra days off each month are reaking havoc on my bank account.  I usually have a to-do list which involves running errands- which involves shopping of course.  Today's big purchase occurred at The Limited.  However, I did get 3 awesome tops.  Good day.  Ask me when my credit card bill comes in if I'm still feeling that way.

2.  I got a massage yesterday, and I actually have 2 giant bruises on my shoulders/upper back.  Have you ever had that happen?  Is it normal?  I like deep massages, but this was pretty painful!  I've never ever had bruises before after a massage.

3.  A Marshall's store opened yesterday in my town.  I'm not impressed.

4.  I joined a gym today and I'm going to try out a kickboxing class tomorrow with my friend Louisa.  I'll let you know how it goes.  They also have Zumba classes so I'm hoping to check those out too!

5.  I got a big urge to update my resume today.  Maybe a new job is in my future?  haha.  I updated it just in case since I had not updated it since I got my "new" job a year ago.  I'm not actively looking for a job, but I guess you never know when you will hear about an attractive opportunity.

6.  I had a coupon for some free chickn minis today from Chick fil A.  Score!  They were awesome.  I love those things and wish they would sell them all day long!

7.  I may or may not have bought a ton of funfetti cake mix and marshmallows at Target in the Easter clearance...

8.  I bought some new orange nail polish the other day.  I'm still not happy with it. I don't know why I can't find the orange I like in salons at a store.  Anyway I now have orange toenails and purple fingernails.  Is that a fashion disaster?

I think that is probably enough rambling for one day!  I'm off to fold laundry and then go to church to make greeting cards.  Yes, I'm an old lady.  :)


  1. I've had deep massages that hurt but never got bruises! It may depend on how easily you bruise, I guess. Cool! I love the Body Combat classes I go to (basically kickboxing). Orange and purple sound like they could complement each other depending on the shades.

  2. Hi Jessica! I saw your comment over on my blog. It's nice to 'meet' other Central Arkansas bloggers and especially engineers!