Monday, September 3, 2012

A little bit closer to being caught up

And here we go again.  :)

My coworker posted this picture on my facebook wall, so I had to print it out and make a decoration to hang on my cubicle.  This cracked me up.  I just happened to have a little Arkansas scrapbook paper and ribbon leftover from a previous project, so this happened:

I had a Bachelorette Finale watch party at my house on a whim.  Because you know, once something is on facebook, it is official. Ha.  I invited a ton of people, and it was good that a lot of people I invited were watching somewhere else because I thought after I invited all those people that I didn't have enough room in my house for that many people!  Ha!  I found some free Bachelorette printables online, so of course I had to make cupcake toppers!
Obviously there were more cupcakes than this- these are just the ones that wouldn't fit in my cupcake holder.
The question of the day:
I was Team Arie.  Oh well.  And you can't have a Bachelorette watch party without roses!  Duh! :)

I may have bought a few too many veggies.  Oh well- they were colorful!  And tasty- I had raw veggies in my lunch for many days after this!

I also made some brownie batter dip that I found on pinterest.  It was amazing.  I took the leftovers to work twice and shared with my coworkers at lunch, and they all loved it too.  Probably not that healthy- but delicious.  And it just so happened that the punch I made matched the drink bucket.  It was accidental, but cute.
I bought this peacock shirt from The Limited a while back before I lost weight, and I didn't get a lot of wear out of it.  It was not terribly expensive, but definitely not cheap.  I love it and just never wore it alot for some reason.  But now I am wearing it alot, even though it is a little too big now.  I love peacock colors!
While we are on the self portrait kick.... here's another.  I bought this shirt at the Fayetteville visitor's center.  It was actually a little too small when I got it, but it fits now, woo!
And one more, just for laughs.  This one is from when I was at the eye doctor and my eyes were dilated.  I was really freaking bored as they left in there for a long time, so this is how I was entertaining myself:
Technically I went to the eye doctor on August 1, but we can pretend that happend in July.  Close enough right?  The funny thing with this appointment is that I was glad it was in the mid-morning so that I could sleep in- I wasn't going to go into work for a short time and then drive back past my house to go to the hospital.  But- I forgot about my appointment until I was already at work at 7am.  No sleeping in for me!  But I did at least remember in time to make it to my appointment.  Finally caught up with July!  An August post is coming soon and then I will be caught up!

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