Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Little Rock Marathon 10k

The first Sunday of March, I ran the 10k of the Little Rock Marathon. This was my first 10k, and I was a little worried because I had not yet ran the full 6.2 miles. It turned out fine and I ran the whole thing, so I was proud. My running partner didn't make it, it was 23 degrees, and the start line was utter chaos. Other than those minor setbacks, it was amazing. I had a fun time- as much fun as you can have running a little over 6 miles. Ha!

My official time was 1:14:34, which is a 12 minute pace, which was my goal and is pretty standard for me. I never claimed to be fast. I am just glad to cross the finish line and not be in last place! Running has been great for my weight loss and overall health, so that is the main reason I run. I sign up for all these races in order to force myself to train and not be lazy. :)

The Little Rock Marathon is kind of a big deal around here. I can't wait until next year's race! I haven't decided which race I will do yet. I am training now for a half marathon and hope to run a half marathon in the fall. So we will see what I decide as it gets a little closer to next March. I have done one other race (the poker run) since the Little Rock Marathon and have two more scheduled for next month, a 10k and a marathon relay in which I have a 7 mile leg. I do find it a little funny that last year I was looking at everyone's pictures from the Little Rock Marathon and I was like oh well that almost makes me want to run! But I didn't think there was any chance I would ever be a runner- and look at me now!

I also saw my sorority sister Sarah at the finish line (she is faster than me!). We are on the same relay team for the Hogeye marathon so I will see her again in a couple of weeks!

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