Monday, May 9, 2011

Danger in the Freezer

I like to freeze eggs.  I do this because I do not like to eat eggs, so usually when I have to buy eggs for a recipe, the rest of the eggs hardly ever get used.  Since I know now that you can freeze them, I have saved lots of eggs from being thrown in the trash.  I usually get lots of questions about this.  What I do is crack the eggs in a bowl, whisk them pretty good, and then put them in an ice cube tray until they are frozen.  Make sure you notice how many ice cubes equals one egg.  In my tray, 2 cubes equals one egg.  Then after they are frozen, I put the egg cubes into a freezer bag and freeze them until I need them.  I don't know about eating them as plain ol' eggs, but I use them in baking and I haven't had any problems.  Just make sure that you remember to take the eggs out of the freezer in plenty of time to thaw before you need them.  This is my biggest problem.

So anyway- tonight I am making some cupcakes for a lady that bid on them in an auction.  After work, I planned on taking out the eggs.  I got half of what I needed out, and the rest of the eggs are all frozen together.  This is unfortunate.  I don't want to thaw out the other eggs, just the ones I need.  In the process of trying to break off the equivalent of 3 eggs, I managed to cut my finger with a frozen egg, and stab myself with a fork.  Nice.  These things only happen to me.  :)

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