Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I had a very busy weekend.  The plan was to sleep as much as possible- and that didn't happen. 

Friday night my sister and I went to the Traveler's game.  When I told her that we would go, I forgot that was the opening night of Riverfest.  Oh well, we had a good time at the game and the Travs won.

We ate lots of junk and jumped on the inflatables (well she did- I'm too old haha) and danced around.  We didn't catch a fly ball though.  She was disappointed.

Saturday I woke up early, so I did chores around the house.  A miracle occurs when you clean out the shower drain....

Anway- later Saturday I went to Riverfest with my mom.  We saw David Nail and the Charlie Daniels Band at the Ampitheatre.  My favorites were at the Yarnell's Family stage though. Haha.  We saw a gymnastics school and then the Jesse White Tumblers.

This makes me a little nervous too- I wish they would use a bigger mat.  :)  Then on Sunday we went back to Riverfest and we tried to see the Kenyan Acrobats.  It was a very short show because apparently half of their team got sick from performing in the heat??!?  I guess it is hotter in Arkansas than in Kenya...
I ate a lot of crap that day- but this was a first- a donut grilled cheese.  It wasn't bad, actually.
I also met the peanut man. lol- it isn't a good trip to Riverfest if you don't take at least one weird picture.

On Sunday, we also saw Mike Posner (I am not a fan) and REO Speedwagon.  We also had the obligatory fireworks.  I recorded the fireworks on my phone, but I can't seem to get it on here.  Oh well- I am sure you have seen fireworks before.  :)

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