Friday, August 19, 2011


Last weekend (yes, I am just now getting around to blogging about it), I went to Eureka Springs with some of my friends!  We had a fun time (except for the driving because I get car sick... boo).

Here we are driving around town:

We went to this cute shop.  Looks just like my kind of place!  Too bad I didn't get anything!

It is a cute little town!  And I think we were pretty cute too lol!

What is a vacation without sticking your head into a gross plywood cut-out?!?!

Our group at Ermilios.  We had a very nice dinner.

Here we are in front of the haunted Crescent Hotel.  Please excuse the pasty whiteness of my legs.

My friends tricked me into going on the haunted ghost tour.  This is how I felt about that...

This is the most haunted room in the whole hotel.  There is a 2 year wait to stay in this room.  No thanks!  I would specifically ask for the least haunted room! ha!

Here we are in the morgue.
We also went to see the Christ of the Ozarks statue.  I have been before but not in a long time.
Me (with a funny face due to the blinding sun!) and Jesus:

It was a fun trip!  I have some pretty awesome friends!  I only got one souvenir- a bracelet.  I have not had good shopping luck lately!  Hopefully that will change soon!

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