Sunday, February 12, 2012

Who asked for snow on Valentine's Day?

So it is supposed to snow here tomorrow.  I'm not pumped.  I mean, it would be awesome if I got a free day off of work, but not if I still have to go in.  I have only had to drive to work once in the snow to my new workplace, and it was super scary since I have to drive across a really long bridge over the river.  We will see.  At least if it snows a lot, I found a really fun idea for a snowman on pinterest!

I have been so forgetful lately.  And on top of that- I think I have been giving people some good material for blonde jokes.  I'm hoping it is because I have been super slammed at work, but I have been saying and doing some stupid stuff.  Let's see, I had my Comcast bills emailed to an email address that I never use (luckily no late fees), forgot to wash the conditioner out of my hair and had to get back in to wash it again, ate some stuff that I knew would make me sick- and did it anyway, and when my friend who is getting married asked me how my toast was coming along- I thought she was talking about the toast that you eat.  Man.  I need some sleep.

My flowers started coming up last week or so.  Perfect- just in time for the snow.  At least the tulips haven't bloomed yet.

(Yes I am aware that my flower bed looks terrible.  No exceuses other than I don't like to be outside, which is important for gardening.)

My Sunday School class has a team in the Bowl for Kids' Sake to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas.  We have a goal to raise $500 and we are up to $335.  If you would be interested in helping us reach our goal, just leave a comment (or contact me some other way) and I'll send you a link to our team page.

I got a haircut.  But it looks basically exactly the same as it did before, just an inch or two shorter, so I'll spare you a picture.  Actually, not one single person commented that I got it cut, so it must really not be that noticeable- which is fine with me- I just thought the ends looked kind of raggedy.

The Razorbacks have continued their pattern of winning at home and losing on the road.  If only we could get a couple of road wins!  I so wish I lived closer to Fayetteville so I could go to more sporting events.

I went to a Super Bowl party, and I made cupcakes and chocolate chip cookie dough truffles.  The cupcakes were so-so, but the cookie dough things were awesome.  I got the recipe from Pinterest.

For some reason, that picture wants to be giant, and will not shrink.  Oh well- they are about life size.  :)  They were supposed to be half regular chocolate and half white chocolate, but I burned the brown chocolate and so I did as many as I could in the white chocolate and then I had to use the leftover pink candy melts from a recent baby shower.

Last night, my sister and I made chocolate covered rice krispie treats (heart shaped of course) for her teachers at church.  I took a picture but it has names on the gift tags, so in the spirit of respecting people's privacy, I won't show it.  Just use your imagination.  A big heart shaped rice krispie treat covered in chocolate and sprinkles and on a white stick tied up with Valentine's ribbon.  I actually don't remember if I came up with this one on my own, or stole it from pinterest.  I looked at a bunch of ideas on there, but I don't know if this was one or not. 

This weekend starts the wedding festivities for my friend Cherry!  We're having a shower at my house.  I'm really hoping that the snow comes tomorrow and then stays away for a long time!  I have some cute things planned for the shower so I will have to update you afterwards!

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