Wednesday, July 25, 2012

June, Part 2

Obviously I am getting very creative with these post titles.

So I started couting calories a little before I went on vacation, and I told myself that I had to work out 3 days that week.  That did not happen- but I did start out one morning in the hotel gym.  I tried to kill myself running on the treadmill.  It was actually hilarious- but I seriously almost did hurt myself.  I started my Couch to 5K training program that morning, where you alternate walking and running.  So I was about halfway through the session when I ran out of water.  I waited until the next walking session and decided I would walk in place while I filled my water bottle.  Getting off the treadmill was not the most graceful move ever- I seriously almost busted it.  I caught myself on the next machine over, and I was so glad nobody else was in there.  I am not known for my gracefulness...  Anyway, I was proud of myself for getting up before my friends at least once and making it down to the gym. 

One of our other sorority sisters lives about three hours away from Minneapolis and was going to drive in to visit us on Sunday, but there was bad weather and she was afraid to make the drive.  Luckily the bad weather stayed away from us, but we would have loved to see Amy (my little diamond sister!).

Our first stop was the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.   I first heard about this place on a cake decorating show- I think Ace of Cakes.  This is me inside some kind of greenhouse that had these vines everywhere.  They were dripping on me and kind of freaking me out.  But I love this picture.

This sculpture was the whole purpose for visiting this garden.  Some people on that cake show had this on their wedding cake and I thought it was so cool.  I did not know that there was water running through it like a fountain.

It took us many tries to get our poses just right.  Catherine's was the best- her's looks like she is taking a bite out of the cherry.  It probably is because she had the best photographer (me).  Ha!

Here's another picture- with some crazy windblown hair.

We went to Loring Park.  This was not on the schedule, but happened to be right across from the restaurant that the trusty GPS lead us to for lunch, so we paid a visit.  :)

We ate lunch at Joe's Garage.  Apparently they serve Sunday brunch- which I was not thrilled about- and we were not expecting.  Also- you are also apparently supposed to have a reservation.  Whatever.  And I got a weird sunburn on one of my arms and one of my legs.  Apparently half of me was sticking out from under the umbrella.

Here is what I ate:

I was trying to be adventurous, and got this on recommendation of our waitress.  It was a mashed potato omlet.  I usually don't really like eggs- but this had so much other stuff in it that you hardly noticed the eggs.  I would definitely eat it again.

Then we went to a Minnesota Twins baseball game.  We had seats pretty high up, but you could still see pretty well.  And to me- they were stellar seats because they were in the shade the whole time.

I went to get a coke (actually a Diet Mountain Dew- ha!  If you are from the south, then you understand!) and when I got my wallet out, my credit card was not in there!  After a few stressful minutes waiting in line at the Guest Services desk, it was found down at the ticked counter.  The people at Target field could not have been more helpful.  I cannot say enough good things about the staff.  They brought my credit card up to me at my seat, and the guy even remembered to ask for my I.D.  Ya'll- I was so stressed out, and so happy to have my card back again!

After the game, I stopped to take a picture on the way out.  The lighting is not the best, but it is proof that I was there!

After the game, we had a couple of hours of shopping left in us.  We stopped at a few stores that we saw along the way, and ended up at the Mall of America again.  I finally made my first purchase at the Mall of America- 2 dresses from H&M.

I think that's enough for today. Looks like we will have at least one more June post....

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