Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thankful 24 hour Kroger

Today I am thankful that Kroger is open 24 hours! I have a potluck tomorrow at work and I ran out of candy coating when I was halfway through my pecan pie balls.

I am a little nervous- I tasted one of the pecan pie balls, and it was gross to me. The alcohol is a little more prominent than I thought it would be. There is not very much in there at all but you can smell it. So I want to ask one of my coworkers who I trust tomorrow if she thinks it is too much for work or not. I bought some pecan pie tarts for a backup plan and I can send the pecan pie balls home with some of my coworkers if necessary. I also think that the pecan pie balls are too salty. I'm glad I forgot to put the salt on top... Oh well- we will see how it goes tomorrow.

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