Monday, October 25, 2010

Another busy weekend

This weekend was another busy one.  (And one in which no pictures were taken...)

Friday started out pretty laid back.  I ate dinner at my mom's house and went to the grocery store. 

Saturday I hit up a bunch of garage sales.  I am still looking for that perfect table/dresser for my entry way.  I can't seem to find one that I like that I can also afford.  Isn't that how it always works???  I drove all over town, and didn't buy one single thing.  Then I babysat littlest brother and little sister for a little while.  We played outside and tried to decorate a pumpkin.  Then it was time to watch my Hogs beat Houston Nutt's Ole Miss Rebel Black Bears.  I swear that is the dumbest mascot I have ever heard of.  Anyway, it was a crazy game, and lasted forever.  I am glad that we finally pulled off a win against ole Houston.  Then I had my birthday party with my dad's family.  We went to the Purple Cow and I ate way too much.  Who can turn down one of their milkshakes???

Sunday, we played handbells in church.  We played Blessed Assurance. Someone recorded us, so I am trying to insert the video in here.   I had to get it off of Facebook, and for some reason it only recorded the first few seconds to my computer, but anyway, here is a sample.  :)

I think we did ok in the first service, and much better in the second service.  After church, I went to serve food to the hungry at Stone Soup.  We served 109 people and passed out soup kits for 220 more people.  We had a lot of volunteers and it was fun.  After that, I headed back to church for the women's Bible study.  We had some bad weather, including a tornado warning.  I sure was glad to be home!

Today, I have to go early to handbells practice to play the Christmas music on my flute for the director.  Nervous!! Wish me luck!

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