Monday, October 11, 2010


So, I had the most amazing weekend ever.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera cord today, so I will only tell you about what happened where I don't have pictures to document (or that I stole off Facebook).

Friday night we celebrated Ashley's birthday.  Here is a picture of me and the birthday girl:
We had a fun time.  The party was at 1620.  This was my first time to eat at 1620.  There were lots of friends there, so it was a good time.

Saturday I went to a wedding, which I will tell you about later when I have my camera cord.  Also the HOGS beat Texas A&M... woot!  We watched the first quarter and part of the second, then listened to the rest ofthe first half while we drove to the wedding.  Luckily the wedding took place during halftime, so we didn't miss anything.  :)  We got to listen to it while we drove to the reception, which was about 40 minutes away.  We didn't get to hear the very end, so everyone was looking it up on their phones during the reception... rude, I know, but necessary.  :)

And on Sunday, I was super tired because I stayed out WAY past my bedtime on Saturday, so I decided to hit up Starbucks before church.  Man, everyone else in town decided to do that too.  I was so frustrated because I had to wait 30 minutes, and also I had the Sunday School lesson for my class in my car.  I tried to call everyone I could think of to give them the lesson to start on, but of course nobody had their phone on.  If you know me, then you know the thing I hate most is being late.  I was pretty stressed out!  When I got up to the window, the lady said, "Your drink is free today!  The person in front of you paid for your drink!"  Woo-hoo!  That helped to make up for the fact that I spend 30 minutes in line.

I can't wait to tell you about Laura and Hal's wedding, but I will have to show you the pictures too!  Soon, I promise!

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