Thursday, October 14, 2010


Last Saturday was Laura & Hal's super fun wedding.  It was in Benton, and the reception was in Little Rock.  It actually worked out perfectly because we were able to watch the first quarter of the Hogs vs. Texas A&M game and then listen to the 2nd quarter on the radio while we drove to the wedding.  There even was a little fair or market or something across from the church that had cotton candy, but we thought it might be frowned upon to bring some cotton candy into the wedding.  Unfortunately they were gone by the time the wedding was over.  Sad day. Then the wedding happened during half time which was super and then we got to listen to most of the rest of the game driving to the reception.  We missed the very end because Andrea and I couldn't find how to get into the parking deck and so we parallel parked (yay me!) in front of the building and then ran inside because we were stupid.  Everyone was checking their phones for the rest of the time.  Rude, I know, but I don't think anyone really cared.  See:
This is Andrea, also known as Bandie Andie.  :)  She even caught the bouquet.  We had a little fight about it:

 Here is a picture of me and the bride:

After the wedding, some of us were invited back to the hotel with some of the groom's family, including his sister Desi.  This is me and Desi.  (And yes, I look crazy in all the pictures I took that night)

We stayed out way too late lol.  I had to get up the next morning and do the Sunday school lesson for my class, and man, I was dying. haha. 

In other and completely unrelated news, I got Lily's birthday present the other day, and I wapped it yesterday.  I decided to make a bow for it using the tutorial I found here.  I am pretty proud of how it turned out, considering that I made it. haha.
The only thing I would have done differently was use a paper that was not white on the back side, so that there was more color showing instead of the white.  Oh well, I think it is fine.  The only things that I did differently from the tutorial were that I used wrapping paper instead of a magazine page, and I didn't exactly measure the strips I cut- just sort of eyeballed it, and I used plain Elmer's glue instead of staples and glue dots.

I'm hoping to make some more of these for Christmas!

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