Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Events

I really wish we had just one more day off of work for Christmas!  I have been very busy.  Thursday I went to my grandad's house and we had a chili lunch.  I managed to come home with an extremely ugly orange chair and about 15 fake plants.  How did I get so lucky?  That was not my present, but just that he wanted them out of the house.  I have found a use for most of the plants (some went in the trash) and I am trying to donate the chair. 

Friday, we had Christmas with my mom.  I got lots of presents, including a coffee pot, so now I know how to make coffee.  It's about time haha.  I also got some new sheets so that I can now have a matching set.  My old ones got a huge hole in the bottom sheet not very long after I got them.  I was so mad, but my grandmother made it into pillowcases, so at least it was not a waste.  I tried to make some wreaths out of butter, marshmallows, and corn flakes- but unfortunately they didn't turn out right and looked like slime balls.  haha- but at least they tasted good!!  I got lots of other stuff too!  I only had to take back one dress that did not fit.

I spent the night at my dad's house Christmas Eve because I was concerned about the weather since I live on a very steep hill.  I ended up wrapping presents until about midnight for my dad and stepmom(can you say last minute?).  I didn't sleep much because I was so excited for Santa to come.  Just kidding- I was actually getting sick and I couldn't breathe and had to get up every 5 minutes to blow my nose.  We didn't get up to do presents until about 7.  My sister got a paper jamz guitar and I just have to say that I am glad I don't live there.  It was annoying me, and I was only there one day.  :)

Then we went over for lunch to my grandmother's house for lunch at 1, that actually ended up as lunch at 2.  I got more good stuff there.  I got one shirt that was too short, and I took it back today on my lunch break and got a glass drink dispenser (so now I need to have people over to use it) and a pie plate from Dillards.  And I also happened to stop into Bath and Body Works since it is next to Dillards, and I got a lot of stuff there too!  They had the Christmas scented hand soaps on sale for $1.25!! I was so excited because I love the peppermint scent!

Today at work starts our week of maintenance, and I am so bored.   Everyone else in my office has used vacation time for today because it is so boring.  At least I am off Thursday and Friday!

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