Monday, December 20, 2010

What's New?

I was just sitting here wondering if I have done anything new to blog about.... oh yeah- I graduated.  haha.  I graduated on Thursday night with my MBA, so it is now ok for you to call me Master Jessica.  kidding- maybe.
That's me after the big event.  It was really freaking cold out and between 3 cameras we managed to have only one with enough battery left to take 4 pictures.  You can tell my family loves me.  :)

So now my life is not so crazy, as all the church events that I am involved with are on a break, school is DONE, and my Christmas shopping is done.

Saturday my sister and I went to this Christmas event at a church close to my house that had ice skating, roller skating, marshmallow toasting, and carriage rides, and alot more.  The ice skating was weird because it was not actually ice, but some kind of floor (it was outside) that they put up that was not even cold!  The roller skating was a mad house because it was inside where it was not so cold!

I finished up my Christmas shopping, and now I have everything wrapped except for one thing that I ordered on etsy, which I am still waiting on.

I am super excited to have Thursday and Friday off!

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  1. Hi-
    Congratulations on graduating! My husband and I both went to Arkansas so I got a kick out of seeing the sugar bag with a razorback on it. Woo Pig Sooie!