Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last exam!

Tonight is my last exam for my MBA!  The test is online and we can take it whenever, but I am not sure if it closes today or tomorrow, so I am going to take it tonight just in case.  The first two were not that bad, so I am expecting more of the same.  I haven't studied yet, but it is an open notes test so I think I will be ok.  I have an A already in the class, so hopefully I can just keep it that way!  I'm pretty sure it is not going to keep me from graduating next week either way!

In other news, I went shopping on Tuesday night and got a fabulous new dress and shoes to wear to church on Sunday for the handbells performance.  I figured if everyone is going to be looking at me in the front of the church, I deserved some new clothes.  :)

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