Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy weekend

I had a pretty busy weekend.  Friday night after work I went out to dinner with my dad, stepmom, little brother and sister, and grandmother.  We went to Olive Garden, (my sister's choice) which is funny to me because that is what I always chose when I was little.

Saturday, I got up bright and early to meet my hungover friend Cherry to go wedding and bridesmaid dress shopping.  We drove to Low's again, about an hour away.  It was worth it though, because she said Yes to the Dress!  We looked quickly at bridesmaids dresses, but there was nothing spectacular there.  Here we are after she bought the dress.

Then we went to lunch at my favorite Greek place around here: Taziki's.  I had a chicken Greek salad gyro and some baklava.  I'm so glad that I finally tried baklava.   I don't like honey, but I sure do love baklava. I can't wait until the Greek Food Festival here in about a month.  That is probably going to be bad for my diet and my bank account lol.

Then on Saturday afternoon, I went to a new place to get a massage.  This place was not my favorite massage place, but luckily it didn't cost very much since I had a Groupon.  Then I went home and my dad came over to fix my ceiling fan because I broke the chain that you pull to turn on and off the light.  At least the parts only ended up being about $7. 

Sunday morning I went to church and then my sister and I went to Tropical Smoothie for lunch.  Kids eat free there on Sundays if you buy a combo.  Then we went to Party City because I am making the cupcakes for her birthday party.  She chose some alien cupcakes that have those take out plastic containers (like for a sundae or something) as their space ship.  The cupcakes are cute, and I hope when I make them they are as cute as the ones in the picture.  The alien's body is a cupcake with a marshmallow and then a donut hole on top.  So anyway- we went on a space ship hunt.  Party City didn't have any, but hopefully I can find some soon.  I don't need them before about a month, so I still have time.  Then I took her home and met up with a friend at JCPenney's.  She was looking for some shorts, and I needed some neutralizer from Sephora.  Then we met up with another friend, and hit up DSW.  I was looking for Easter shoes to go with my new dress, (because I am playing handbells and when you are standing in the front of the church, you need to look cute.  haha)  and I ended up coming away with 3 new pairs. (please forgive my unmade bed.  I hate making the bed.)
I will wear either the middle or right pair with my Easter dress.  The mustard colored ones on the left were completely unneccessary, but I couldn't just leave them there!  Then after shopping, I had Bible study and then I came home, took a shower, and crashed.  I was exhausted.

In other news, I got summoned to the jury again.  Boo.  This is not great timing since this is my last week at my current job and I have a lot of things to wrap up.  Oh well.  Hopefully I will not be chosen.

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