Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First. Finest. Forever.

I am a pro at blogging about things way after they happen.  Oh well, better late than never, right?

Sometime a couple of weeks ago in August... I went to Fayetteville for the weekend.  On Friday night, I got to see my friend Lyndsey.  Here we are getting some frozen yogurt.  They had an orange flavor that reminded me of the Flinstones push-up pops when I was a kid.

I stayed with my brother in his apartment that looks every bit like you would expect a 21 year old college boy's apartment to look.  Here we are in my grainy iPhone photo...

That Saturday I had to take my car to the shop for the second time in its short 3 month life.  It was making some weird noises after the drive to Fayetteville, but they couldn't find anything wrong with it, and it hasn't done it again.  Oh well, it is just a mystery I guess.

Saturday night, I went out to dinner with some of the other alums of my sorority that live in the area.  This is me and Laura.  Also a grainy iPhone pic, since apparently that is the only camera I have.

Sunday was bid day for the sororities at the University of Arkansas.  This is the main reason I went up there.  It was a fun trip down memory lane, and I got to see a bunch of girls from when I was in college. 

Our bid day sign:

Diamonds with Andrea for old times' sake:

And of course- a picture with the new letters, where I apparently missed the hand on the hip memo:

And I got to see two of the girls that go to my church in Little Rock that are now ADPi's at Fayetteville:

The bid day shirts:

<>   First.  Finest.  Forever.  <>

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