Friday, September 23, 2011

Random Catch-Up Post #1

1.  I tested out my car's gas gauge. (<-- Is that even right?  Oh well, the thing that says how much gas you have.)  For you concerned people, yes- I made it to the gas station.

2.  We tried to Pay-Per-View the first Razorback game.  It didn't work.  We listened on the radio and ate these cupcakes with red and white sprinkles and of course- pig cupcake liners!

3.  I finally have a car with a Razorback on it.  I am glad.  It is even better because I bought it in Fayetteville!
4.  I did my very first solo site visit and public meeting for work in Jonesboro.  Nothing catastrophic (also, apparently today I am in the mood to use words that I don't know how to spell?!?!) happened.

5.  At said site visit and public meeting, I wore these two pairs of shoes.  Obviously one pair at the site visit and the other pair at the meeting.  Only an engineer....

6.   I discovered Nutella.  I also really needed to go to the grocery store, so I had some very strange meals.  This particular one was a tortilla with Nutella, and some pickles.

7.  I went to the second Razorback game, which was in Little Rock.  This was my first time to wear a white shirt to a Razorback game.  (For some reason, I can't get this photo to be in the center.  Oh well, and please excuse the disgusting mirror used to take this picture...)

8.  Since the game was on September 10, we attempted a patriotic look in honor of September 11th.  It turned out to actually work and looked pretty neat.  This is a picture of the band, but it shows the fans.

9.  My friends Ashley and Andrea turned 30!  This is me and Ashley at dinner at YaYa's.  She looks cute, I do not.
10.  I hosted a baby shower with Lydia for our friend Lyndsey.  But since I already have 10 ramblings, I will save the baby shower for its own post!  Time for bed!

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