Friday, March 16, 2012

Bachelorette Weekend

Back in February, we went to Fayetteville for Cherry's bachelorette weekend!  Five of us drove up there together and we met a bunch of others there.  We went to lunch at my fav (and sadly only found in Fayetteville), Flying Burrito!

Graham wasn't really happy about the situation, but everyone else was! :)

Me and the bachelorette!

Both Cherry and I also got invited to baby showers that same day, which worked out well since we were in NWA anyway.  Here's a picture of me, Toni, and Lucy at Toni's shower.  Toni was my roommate my senior year of college, and Lucy was our unofficial roommate who slept on the couch.  :)

After running around dropping off baby presents, we went to get manicures and pedicures.  Then we went back to get situated at our hotel.  We had 3 different kinds of petit fors and wine for when Cherry opened her gifts. 

The petit fors had a rough ride to Fayetteville, but they still tasted fine- just looked a little messed up.  BTW I am so learning how to make those things because they are freaking expensive.

She opened her gifts and got a lot of good stuff.  Then we went to eat at Taste of Thai.  That was my first time eating Thai food.  I had some kind of chicken with asparagus and it was pretty good.  Here is a pic of me and my other bff Lyndsey at dinner.

Me, Cherry, and Louisa after dinner.  P.S.  It was soooo cold!!!

We had a fun weekend- stayed up to late, ate too much, laughed alot, and played silly games.  And of course I had to go take another picture with my name on the senior walk at the UofA.  Pretty soon I will have a giant collection of those pictures!

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