Monday, March 19, 2012

No Gas?

Today I took some leftover food (crockpot chicken tacos) over to my mom's house so my brother, mom and grandmother could help me finish them off.  I'm just not really into eating the same dish for a million meals in a row, and I'm also not very good at cooking for just one.  So the leftovers must be shared!

Anyway- on the way home I was like, oh man I'm almost out of gas!  I'll stop at this Shell station right by my house on the way home.  So I get there, and all the pumps say out of order.  I was like ok, well that's weird.  And then I went to the next (and only one before I get to my house) gas station, Phillips 66.  So they have signs on all the pumps that say "No Gas."   What the heck?  I called my dad (who watches the news) and apparently a valve on the pipeline broke and there is a shortage in central Arkansas.  I finally found some gas at a Kroger a little ways down the road, but I had to wait for ever.  Remember how I was running low on gas... yeah.  I had to turn the car off because there were so many people there.  I waited forever in my strategic spot.  This lady had been there a little while ahead of me, and we were facing each other both waiting for a chance to get gas.  She was giving me the evil eye the whole time like "Don't you steal my gas!!"  I mean, do I look like a line jumper to you?  I was patiently waiting my turn with no intention of dashing in front of her, especially since my car was OFF.  And then she put on her blinker, I guess in case I was confused on why she was sitting there??  :) haha  Anyway I finally got some gas and they say we should get the supply replenished by tomorrow afternoon.  I think this is the first time I've gone to a gas station where they were completely out of gas, and I know it is the first time that I've had to go to three different stations to get gas!

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