Friday, May 17, 2013

Random Catch Up!

It's time for a random catch up post where I tell you about all the things that have gone on that weren't important enough for their own post.  :)

After the Boston Marathon trajedy, I got together with some runners at my favorite running store for a run/fundraiser for a charity in Boston, and to show our support.  They had some shirts made, and I got one.

Photo: Today I ran 4 miles for Boston. Go get a shirt from fleet feet easy runner!

I babysat my grandmother's puppy (Charlie) for a weekend.  I was thinking about getting a dog, and have started some necessary renovations to my house (easier back door and fixing the fence, etc)- but after a weekend with a puppy I am not sure that I am quite ready!  I definitely did not realize that dogs came with so much stuff!!

Charlie was not exceptionally well behaved, and so he had to wear a doggie diaper most of the time he was here because I had to clean the floor one too many times!  I was thinking that I wanted a puppy, but now I am thinking I may need an older dog without so much energy!!

I got hit with a major case of seasonal allergies.  It was terrible.  I am usually lucky and don't have too much allergy trouble, but unfortunately not this year.  I had to give a presentation in a town about half an hour away, and to make this sickly girl even more unhappy, it was after hours.  Working 12.5 hours (as opposed to my normal 9) was not what the doctor ordered.  I tried really hard to have a fever so I didn't have to do it.  Ha!  This was when I was trying hard to convince my boss that I was too sick to go.  As a side note, I am loving all the neon colored clothes out lately. 

There was a Turkish Food Festival close to my house, so my mom and I went.  Here's what I ate (minus some delicious chocolate cake and also baklava):

I think they were expecting about half as many people to show up than actually did.  There was not a lot of available seating and the lines for food were long.  But everything was good and I would definitely go back next year.  I also signed up for some Turkish cooking classes and they said that they would send out an email before the next round of classes, so hopefully I can fit the classes in my busy schedule!

My church had a talent show/fundraiser on May 5.  The "celebrity" judges were Miss Arkansas, a local news anchor, and the head basketball coach of UALR.  It was a fun time!  It was like a dessert theater and several people in our church baked items for the dessert time during intermission.  I made luau cupcakes:

I also got my picture taken with Miss Arkansas and Steve Shields (the basketball coach).  Bob Clausen ran away right before the picture so he missed out.  :)

I bought some tulips for myself, and they finally bloomed.  Unfortunately they didn't last long.

I think that's enough randomness for one night.  Ha.  Next up will be an update on the Warrior Dash I ran in Amity (don't feel bad if you don't know where that is, because I have been there and I still don't know where it is haha!) last weekend with my friend Shannon!

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