Tuesday, December 24, 2013

August 2013

So we have made it to August. 

I was in a flash mob at Dickey Stephens park (where the Arkansas Travelers play) with a group of Komen volunteers. 

My friend Karen and I did the flash mob together. We may not be the best dancers, but we had a good time. 

My church gives a loaf of homemade (church made??) bread to all first time visitors. Most people probably think it is a group of little old ladies slaving away over the bread- but really it is me and my friends! One of the girls bought us these aprons so we had to take a picture to send to her of the first time we used them. 

I had my 10 year high school reunion. I had a hard time finding something to wear, but I finally found this dress that I loved at E.Leigh's!

Friday night of the reunion, we went to the Flying Saucer for a low key meet and greet. My friend Louisa and I went together and I am glad we got to see each other. Even though we live in the same city, it is hard to coordinate our schedules so we don't get to hang out as often. 

Saturday morning, we went to our school for a tour and group picture. 

Apparently my class had this tiger statue restored as our class gift? I had no idea, but I took a picture with it..

Obligatory picture in front of the school. (Taking this picture made me think of all the tourists we used to see when I was in school!)

Group picture (although obviously missing a whole bunch of people):

Saturday night, we had a dinner at the Statehouse Convention Center. It was good to see everyone! 

I went to Fayetteville for bid day.  I saw my dog nephew. 

Taking a picture in front of my beautiful sorority house!

And with the letters! I don't remember having such elaborate letters when I was in school. Maybe we did, but I just don't remember it. 

Um. Woah. Pledge classes are giant now. 

Some of my favorite people were there too!

Supporting the hogs at my running group on the first day of football season!

My sister and I went to a free Christian music festival in Benton. It was a fun and free, which is always good. They had fireworks and a bunch of well known contemporary Christian artists there. 

My favorite Oreos of all came out!  Y'all. You should try these if you haven't already. And if you don't like them give them to me. :)

One of my coworkers and I went on a site visit (which we never did find). This was the road. I was not really excited about getting axe murdered. 

I bought Ruger a woo pig sooie cookie from a local dog bakery to celebrate football season. 

We had such high hopes for this year's football season. Oh well, maybe next year. We went to both Little Rock games this year at War Memorial Stadium. Here's the big A! One of my favorite parts!

We watched one of the football games where the cable was having issues and it looked like the smurfs were playing. That was a fun day on Facebook. :)

Well I think that captures most of August and even September. Next up, Florida and furlough...

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