Thursday, December 26, 2013

October 2013

October was a strange month. I am a state employee, but apparently in a federally funded position. Therefore, I was furloughed for the first part of October due to the government shutdown. I was on vacation with my family when I was notified via email that I couldn't come to work until further notice. That really put a damper on my vacation. Not knowing when you will get a paycheck again is very stressful!

We stayed in a house in Navarre, FL.  We had a good time and made lots of treats! This is a s'mores pie. Yum. 

There was a sand sculpting festival in town while we were there. I had no idea about sand sculpting, but these people had some serious skills!

We went to the Track to ride go karts and also to the Navarre Beach pier. 

My sister made me jelly fish toast. I did not eat that. :)

We set at Fudpuckers and the table we set at had this written on the wall!  So I suppose one of my ADPi sisters from my Arkansas chapter has eaten at this same table. Ha!

We got our picture taken holding an alligator, and also fed the alligators. 

We went to the Gulfarium and saw lots of animal shows. 

I had a birthday and turned 28!  Some of my friends organized a painting party for me!

My friend Ashley's daughter picked me out a birthday card! Ha. Who doesn't love pink glittery my little ponies?

My stepmom ordered me a cake from Baskin-Robbins. I feel like this one should be on cake wrecks. I always thought I had a pretty common name. I guess not. Ha. This was their second attempt too. 

I broke my new lawn mower. Luckily a $25 part and my dad was able to fix it. 

I hosted a baby shower for my friend Liza and her baby Asher! At least I was able to clean my house during the furlough. Ha. 

This cake was a total mess. I had a totally different plan in mind, and it did not work out at all. So I had to make an emergency trip to the store to buy some fondant to salvage the cake.  I think it turned out cute for a disaster. :)

My friend Ashley made this diaper castle and it was so cute!

My church had a pumpkin patch as a fundraiser for the youth group. I worked one day during the furlough. 

I finally got to go back to work, and my coworkers had decorated my office since my birthday was while I was out. I also went to the state fair. Who doesn't like apple pie funnel cake and pig races?

My mom and I did race for the cure. I am aware that I look a hot mess. It was cold and I didn't care. 

Technically, Halloween and my first half marathon happened in October as well, but those will have to wait for the next post. 

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