Monday, January 24, 2011

Garage Doors and Jury Duty

Not much was on the schedule for this weekend.  Friday night I had an impromtu Glee marathon with Karen, Melissa, and Shannon that ended up with me practially falling asleep in Karen's bed.  Saturday- we headed to Hot Springs Village to pick up some leftover tile from a relative that was redoing his bathroom.  I was headed out the door when I realized that the garage door wouldn't open.  I was really not looking forward to shelling out a couple hundred bucks for a new opener, but luckily all it needed apparently was to be unplugged and then plugged right back in.  Sister and I skipped church on Sunday because my dad came over to work on my garage door.  We also watched Enchanted- twice.  :)  I love that movie.  Oh and we watched part of the Parent Trap, which will always have a special place in my heart- lol I have seen that one more times than I can count.  I got a really bad headache last night, so I went to bed at around 8 pm.  That is early- even for me! haha.  Apparently I also talked to my grandmother on the phone- but I don't remember it.  I can have a whole conversation in my sleep, I guess.

Today was also my jury orientation day.  I had to go to the courthouse and fill out a lot of papers and watch a very entertaining video that starred some award winning actors.  Ok so the video was pretty awful, but I did learn something so I guess it served its purpose.  I am glad that it was scheduled for today though, because I had nothing to do in my office.  It gave me some entertainment for a couple of hours, anyway.  I have to start calling next week to find out if I have to come serve, so I guess we will see.  It is better than sitting bored in my office, I guess!

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