Friday, January 21, 2011

The snow day that wasn't

Yesterday morning, it started snowing.  Practically everyone on my floor at work left, so I got kind of freaked out and decided that I would also go home at 12:30.  Well, it was snowing pretty hard, but nothing stuck to the streets, mainly just the grassy areas.  I live in a very hilly neighborhood, so I was worried about my street since it is so steep.  I was at least hoping to get out of working today.  :)  But no such luck.  You can barely even tell that it snowed.  Oh well- I had half a day at home to catch up on some laundry and watch Dr. Oz and Oprah, which I never get to do since they come on while I'm at work.  I was kind of grumpy, so I also went to bed early.  The drivers in the "snow" were really stressing me out yesterday.

Here's hoping today runs much more smoothly!  (and the 4 cups of coffee I've had today sure are making me hyper- I forgot to bring my Vitamin Water today to our staff meeting- and the coffee was too tempting- it was a long meeting haha)


  1. At least you got half a day home. Seems like we get snow days when I don't want them and none when I'm hoping for them. Became a follower of your blog by the way.

  2. You won a contest on my blog - I need your contact info!