Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin cupcakes

My church had a Cream of the Crop party a while ago to celebrate the opening of our pumpkin patch.  There was a chili cook off and a pumpkin dessert competition.  I entered the dessert competition with some pumpkin cupcakes that looked and tasted like pumpkin.  They were pretty tasty!  Unfortunately they did not win the competition, but I thought they were cute.

First I made some pumpkin cupcakes and then iced them with some orange icing.

Then I rolled the iced cupcakes in a bowl of orange decorating sugar.  I love sprinkles!

The next step is to make the ridges in the pumpking with some different colored orange icing.  Mine were ugly- I started out actually using a toothpick to make indentions and then filling it in with the icing, but I decided it wasn't worth the effort.

Then I cut some green apple flavored licorice for pumpkin stems, and here is the final product!

A lady at my work is getting married on Halloween and she saw these and asked for them at her shower that we are having for her at work.  I am going to do these as well as a couple of other designs if I can get all the supplies in time. 

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