Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkins and picnics

First things first- I got this fortune in my fortune cookie last time.  :)

I somewhat decorated my house for Halloween.  I wasn't going to decorate but then I found this pumpkin that I love so much!

I made some spinach mushroom ravioli from Giada's recipe.  It took forever!  It turned out pretty well though.  Pics with and without the homemade sauce:

We had our Employee Appreciation Picnic at work.  This is cactus ring toss and jalapeno eating contest.


This is the sack race.  Check out that awesome hair!

I was the winner!  I got this chili pepper necklace.  Obviously this was a high- budget shindig that we had going on.

And I won a door prize.  It actually was not that awesome, but it is now decorating my cubicle.


OK... so this post was lacking on the pumpkins in the title.  At least there was one!  More to come later!

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