Saturday, October 13, 2012

September & Part of October

Football season started!  I love football.

My sister and I went to an Arkansas Traveler's baseball game. 

The Hogs played at War Memorial stadium.  It was a very embarrassing loss to ULM.  We will not talk about that.  Here's a picture of me and my grandmother.
Also during the game weekend, I was without power for 3 days.  I was mainly mad that I was going to have to throw out a lot of food.  I could deal without a hairdryer.  Although it would have been nice to have the air conditioner too.
My liver tests came back perfect two times in a row.  Hallelujah!
I discovered Candy Corn Oreos.  They are amazing.  And bad for my diet.
My family went to Kansas City for my sister's school break, and my brother and I met them there for the weekend.  On the way, I got to see my bff Lyndsey and her son.  It was good to catch up, and of course eat at my old college favorite restaurant.
We ate at Arthur Bryant's one meal- nothing there sounded good.  I sometimes can't even handle the thought of meat, and this was the worst day for that!  This is what I ended up with for dinner- it has carrots!  :)
My office had our annual picnic.  The theme was Mardi Gras.  One of the competitions was a "float" contest.  I was on the float team for my division, and since I work in the water division, we went for an aquarium theme.  Please keep in mind that we had to use a wagon as the base and as many recyclable or reused items as possible.
We were the proud winners.  Our prize was a pizza party and a cool trophy.
I went to a bachelorette party for this sweet girl.  And I almost got abducted walking back to my car, but that's a fun story for another day.
And then she got married.
How about the beginning of October too?!?  Ya'll I am finally getting caught up.
So my garage door broke.  Three times.  In one week.  Including on my birthday.  It was very frustrating, but hopefully I am done playing fix the garage door for a long time.  It has cost me about $500 in the past couple of months.
I ate cake and ice cream for breakfast on my birthday.
Photo: I am definitely having cake and ice cream for breakfast.
I turned 27.  (Hopefully I will remember to do a 30 before 30 update soon.) We ate more cake.
I went to Scott and Amanda's wedding at the Arkansas Arts Center.  I didn't take any pictures.
I got my case for my iPhone 5.  Too bad I still don't have the actual phone.  Hopefully it will get delivered soon.
I am looking for a case to hold the iPhone 5 while I run.  I don't want to take off this case.  Any ideas?  I haven't found anything yet.
I also got a new turqoiuse, yellow, and grey chevron comforter that same day.  I guess I'm liking the chevron these days.
Today I did the Color Run in Memphis.  It was an amazingly colorful and fun day.  I took a million pics though, so maybe I'll do a whole post later on the race!


  1. I'm glad you had a great time at the race. Love that case!

  2. Post a picture of your new comforter too! : ) It sounds cute!