Saturday, August 28, 2010

There goes the fun budget

So last night night we had a girls' craft night.  It was super fun and I made some super cute coasters.  Here's a picture of me and our super awesome hostess Liza.

We spent most of the night talking and eating, and eventually did some craftiness.  These are my coasters:

I am really proud of them!  I think they are so cute and they match my living room perfectly (well except for the pink and orange, but I like them anyway!).  Now that they are actually dry, they look even better.  I am going to make another set so that I have 8 coasters.

Now for the sad part of the story....
When I got home it was SOOOO hot in my house.  One of my roommates moved out yesterday, so I thought maybe the air conditioner was just having a hard time adjusting to having the doors open a lot.  I spent the night at my mom's house because I am not a fan of sweating while I sleep, and went to bed hoping that when I came back this morning the problem would have resolved itself.  (wishful thinking right??).  Unfortunately, it was still hot as you know where when I got here this morning.  I put in a call to my favorite heating and air company (ok the only one I have ever used) and they came today around 11:45.  I had to get a new fan motor.  I just had to have the air conditioner worked on back in June, but it was a different problem so I didn't have it covered by warranty.  Are you kidding me?  I have the worst luck.  I also had to scrounge up another trashcan since apparently the roommate who moved out decided that she need it, and fix the light in that closet which nobody bothered to tell me was broken.  And the stupid wireless internet got broken so I had to fix that as well.  It has been a productive day, I guess.  :)

So , I'm out about 300 something for the motor part plus labor, so there goes my fun budget.  :(

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