Friday, August 20, 2010


Last night I had an unexpected trip to Cajun's Wharf for Louisa's boyfriend's birthday.  I already had eaten dinner but I went and had a salad.  We had a good time!
Cherry, Me, and Louisa

It took a while for us to get a good picture, but I put this one up because it is the best of me and Cherry, and I figure Louisa won't read my blog anyway.  :)

Today I went to lunch at Sai gon Cuisine with my work people, and when I got back from lunch there was a surprise in my school account!  I got an A in Corporate Strategy!  Pretty much I am a genius!

And one last picture to show you how excited I was to turn in my three volume paper!

Yes it is an awful picture... but after a 3 hour meeting and then 2 hours of binding this stupid thing, I was so glad to be done!!!

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