Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Here comes the snow. again.

So I am blogging from my office.  at 6:47 am.  Normally I am still asleep at this time!  They are predicting 6-8 inches of snow for us today, which is a lot for this area.  It pretty much shuts down the town!  And guess who has 23 hours of vacation time, and 24 hours left in the work week.  Me!  So I got up with the chickens (I don't have any chickens, or even know anyone who has chickens) and came in to work so that I could get in at least an hour before the snow starts.  Last night, everyone was telling me that the snow was supposed to start in the night, but I looked on the weather channel website, and it said 8 am, so I got up at 5:45 and made my way in to work.  It looks like now they are saying 9am is when it will all start, so I am hoping to get in 2 hours of work.  The morning commute that normally takes me 30-45 minutes only took me about 15 minutes this morning.  School is cancelled and a lot of businesses are too, so almost everyone was still sleeping when I left.  I am hoping to go to Fayetteville this weekend to see a friend and go to a basketball game, and if this weather screws that up, I will be very sad.  And poor, since I will have spent $60 on tickets for no reason.  Which, P.S. the tickets still have not come in the mail, and that makes me very nervous!

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