Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow day adventures

So after my last post, I was wondering what I should do since I had already cleaned almost everything.  I was sitting in my bed watching tv and had a huge glass of grape Kool-Aid that we made when my sister was here last weekend.  (We just made it this weekend- I did not have it sitting on the nightstand since this weekend)  :) Of course, being the graceful person that I am, I managed to knock it over before I even drank any of it.  Purple stuff was all over my bed skirt, night stand, computer, wall, and worst of all- the carpet!  I somehow managed to get it all cleaned up, but it took a while and a lot of carpet cleaning stuff.  Seriously though- how come these things always happen to me? haha I am the clumsiest person I know.

Yesterday morning I got up and did this workout video called Bikini Ready Body.  haha we will see if it works.  It was mainly a stretching video, and I can say that I am sure not as flexible as I used to be!  I have seriously neglected my exercise video collection since before I moved into this house about 10 (!!) months ago. I have kind of forgotten which ones I like, and which ones are worthless, so I am trying to go through them and decide what to keep and what to sell/trash.  I am going to try one of the old school VHS ones today.  My sister and I actually still watch a lot of VHS tapes since I have a combo DVD/VHS player and I still have all of the Disney movies from when my brother, cousin, and I were little.  Hercules is a favorite around here.

Yesterday I also walked over to my friend Mindi's house.  She lives just down the street from me, which is good because I was not brave enough to drive yesterday.  She sometimes cuts my hair for me.  I basically have the same hair cut, but only shorter and without all the split ends.  Here is a before and after shot.

P.S.  Don't hate- I know you don't wear makeup on snow days either.  All this dry weather is making my hair crazy!  There is some serious static going on in both of these pictures.  How do you keep your hair from looking like a crazy mess with all the dry air?

I am still planning (hoping?) to go to Fayetteville today.  I still have not recieved my basketball tickets in the mail, so that does make me kind of nervous.  The mail did not make it here the past two days, so I sure hope it runs today and that the tickets are in there.  My neighborhood seems to be completely clear, so I sure hope they get here before I try to leave.  It should get above freezing both here and in Fayetteville this afternoon, so I am hoping with all the people going back to work and the rising temperatures, that I will be able to make it.  My plan is to give it a shot, and if the roads are too bad, I will just stop and get a hotel and try to finish the trip in the morning.  The game is at 12:30 tomorrow, so I should be able to make it I think!  If I do drive all the way up there though, and I don't have the tickets, I sure hope that they will let me in based on my confirmation email.  I will be very upset if they don't!

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