Monday, February 7, 2011

Long time, no blog.

A lot has happened since my last post!

I think I last blogged a week ago, so I guess I will just catch you up from there.

Last Tuesday, I was supposed to go with my bff to look for a wedding planning book.  The plan was to hit up Barnes and Noble and Target and just spend the evening talking and what not.  Unfortunately, the snow decided to come and threaten us with icy roads.  We decided to postpone our outing to another day.

Wednesday- nothing special.

Thursday, Cherry and I did go to B&N and Walmart.  We looked through about 50 million pages of wedding magazines and picked out a cute wedding planner.  We had a very important conversation about the Bachelor and read the People magazine article about the secrets of the show or something like that.  It was very uninformative.  A fun time was had by all.  :)

Friday, by the time I was heading to work it was already snowing.  During my staff meeting from 9-11 am, my dad called me and said that the roads were starting to freeze.  I left work at about 11:30 on Friday and went home.  This was me walking to my car.  I was freezing!


The roads were not bad at all, but I was glad to have a half day at home.  I was very productive and I did my taxes and several loads of laundry.  Some friends and I were supposed to have a Glee watching party to catch up on some of the old episodes, but I was concerned about driving in the snow since my street is so steep.  My friend Ashley volunteered her husband to come pick me up in his truck, and so the party went on in spite of the snow.  We had a potluck taco dinner and managed to watch about 1.5 episodes of Glee.  We had fun anyway, despite the lack of Glee-watching.

Saturday, we had a 10 am birthday party.  I decided to be brave and try to drive up my street since apparently the rest of the roads were not too bad.  That was a big mistake.  I could not get up the hill, and just kept sliding around and down the road.  I ended up in someone on my street's yard.  At least I did not hit anything.  One of my friends came and picked me up for the party.  By the time we got done at the party and had lunch, the road was clear.  It warmed up to the 40's by the afternoon, and the snow melted.  I went to move my car, and I got stuck in the mud in the neighbor's yard, and I made an ugly mess in their grass.  I went and apologized and offered to buy them some grass or dirt or something, but the lady said she wasn't worried about the yard, just their sprinkler system.  I really hope that I don't have to replace part of their sprinkler system...

Super Bowl Sunday-  My Sunday School class had a Super Bowl party on Sunday evening.  I don't think I really watched any of the game.  I did, however, probably eat my weight in snacks.  We had SO much food, and I think I ate some of almost everything.  I did discover a new love for jalapeno poppers.  :)  This is what I made:

Mandarin Orange Upside down cakes and candy box caramels.

Both were super easy and pretty good.  All the caramels got eaten, and almost all of the upside down cakes got eaten.  I was very glad not to come home with too much sweet stuff, because I would eat it all!

Today is another slow day at work.  Hopefully things will get more exciting around here really soon!  And I don't have any jury trials this week either.  Jury duty so far has been really easy!  :)

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