Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One month later... (picture overload)

I am stinking it up with this blogging thing lately.  One month later, I am back....

I think I have to go back to November to start the catch up.

I voted for the first time in a while and went running on the same day.  Two gold stars for me.

Not the best picture, but this is my favorite part of the trail.
I decorated for Christmas.  I went out on a limb (ha!) and tried a new color scheme.  I don't think I like it- I think I am going back to red and silver next year.  I am a creature of habit.
I went to Fayetteville and had a cute dinner date.  He didn't cry this time, so that is progress.  :)
Lyndsey and I went to see the Hogs play Syracuse.  They lost, but it was closer than I thought.  We obviously had great seats.  Second to last row in the upper deck..
See how close we were?  Ha!
I went to a million Christmas parties.  I made some cake balls for a couple of them.  They are supposed to look like ornaments.
My mom and I made a gingerbread house.
We had a couple of secret santa groups at my office.  I got these things from one of my secret santas:
I made some stuff for my secret santa and here are a couple of the things that I remembered to take a picture of:
I made these super cute snowman cupcakes for my work Christmas potluck.
I also made some reindeer cupcakes for my kids at church.
My brother graduated from college.  It was a crazy time.  We had three bottles that needed to be chilled, and only three buckets.  We improvised with a kleenex box holder.  Ha.
I got to eat at Flying Burrito so it was a success in my book.  :) 
The graduation was in the same building as mine way back in the day. 
Not the best picture of us, but me with the graduate.
Meet my dog-nephew, Ruger.
He likes it when I bring him treats!
I made Santa hat brownies for Christmas with my family.  See that Christmas tree in the back of the plate?  They were originally going to be like that, but it was too much work, so I switched to Santa hats.  :)
I would also like to add that strawberries are freaking expensive in December.  (to the tune of $7 per pound.  I only bought 1 pound- that is crazy!!)
I actually have a lot of laundry that I should be folding, so I guess that is caught up enough.  I will try to write a post again soon and finish the catching up!!

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