Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The end of 2012

Let's do a little more catch up!

I think I left off at Christmas. I had a good one. I got an iPad and the metal razorback I wanted.   Unfortunately I couldn't use my iPad too much at first because the power was out. We had a very white Christmas in Arkansas.   I was actually not excited at all for the snow/ice. I had a project at work that needed to get done and I live in a very hilly neighborhood. The power went out in most of central Arkansas on Christmas afternoon. Mine stayed on a little longer- into the evening- but then it eventually gave out too. While the power was out, I was bored to death. I was planning to take off work over Christmas to deep clean my house since one of my roommates moved out. The snow actually gave me the days off work for free -although that is not how I wish it would have worked out.  I did everything that I could while the power was out- dusted, cleaned the grout in the shower, washed the blinds and baseboards, etc. My house was almost clean enough for the queen. Ha!

The power came back on a couple of days later. After charging my phone and taking a shower, I vacuumed and all that. Then on Friday morning, my office reopened. It was my scheduled day off but I had this project that had to get done. We were on a two hour delay so I thought that I would sleep in a little and then get up and steam mop the hard floors and then text my boss to see if I needed to come in to get this project taken care of. So when I got up and around, I put water in the steam mop and decided to start downstairs in the laundry room. I made it all the way down to the last step when I slipped on the step and landed straight on my tailbone. I was pretty sure that I broke the tailbone right  when I fell. It was terrible pain and I am pretty sure that I sounded like a woman in labor with all of my huffing and puffing. Luckily the night before, I was bored and looking through my pinterest for projects that I had pinned but not done yet. I decided to make some ice packs. Ironic, since I certainly needed an ice pack that Friday morning!!

As the day went on, I had just about convinced myself that it was just a bruised tailbone.  Also I texted my boss that I could come in even though I was off but that I thought my tailbone was broken. I don't think he believed me!  Luckily he was very nice and took care of a lot of the work for me.   Then Friday night I had some weird concussion like symptoms. I was very nauseous when standing, started seeing spots kind of like when you get a migraine, and then when I laid down I had ringing in my ears. I did not hit my head but my massage therapist later told me that you can have concussion like symptoms from hitting your head since your tailbone is at the bottom of your spine. The doctor did not tell me that but she did notice that my sinuses were very swollen. I wasn't aware that I have allergy problems so I guess I will just have to watch that.   Anyway after all those weird symptoms, I decided that I should probably go to the hospital just in case. It was still below freezing and kind of icy so I decided to wait until Saturday morning. My dad came to pick me up and after a few hours in the ER, it was determined that I did in fact break my tailbone. I will say that is an experience that I never hope to repeat!!!!  They told me that it would be 4-6 weeks until it heals. I am at about the 3.5 week mark so hopefully I am almost healed!  I have been running and doing Zumba for the past week so I am feeling pretty good about it. I do have a race in about 5.5 weeks so there is not a lot of time for sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself!

The picture in this post is up my steep street the first day after the snow! About 8 inches, which is a lot for central Arkansas!


  1. I don't see a picture! Is my computer messing up?

  2. I don't know what happened. Looks like it didn't load. Oh well. Use your imagination- a steep hill covered with 8 inches of snow! Ha! I will try again later to get it to load. :)