Thursday, May 10, 2012

So much to do, so little time!

This post's title is in honor of my AWS schedule (alternative work schedule).  In a pay period (2 weeks), I work 8 nine hour days and 1 eight hour day, and I get one Friday off.  Before I started this schedule, I thought my days off would consist of sitting around and watching tv and not doing anything.  Yeah right.  Now my days off are more busy than any other day. I always make myself a to-do list a million miles long.  I actually started my chores tonight because I have so much that needs to get done tomorrow.

My office had a bake sale today to raise money for our annual picnic.  I donated some snickerdoodle pinwheel cookies, but I forgot to take a picture.  I split the batch into 2 plates, and one sold for $6, and the other sold for $5 so I'm glad someone bought them!  I got nervous this morning worrying about if anyone would buy them or not.  There were lots of tasty looking things.  I wanted to buy something, but I knew that if I bought anything, I would eat it all!  Plus I feel stupid buying things that I can make myself, especially because baking is the one kind of cooking that I can actually do! 

Also, I started using MyFitnessPal on Tuesday, and now I'm counting calories.  I was really not aware of how many calories I was eating before.  Really I tried to just ignore that part and eat whatever I wanted.  No longer.  Exercising is not enough, so I am now watching what I eat.  It has been a hard adjustment over the last couple of days though. I am used to eating more, so I am kind of hungry!!  I know that will get better and I need to learn to make better choices on what I eat.  I am trying to make it into a game to see what I can still eat and not go over my calories.  For instance, I have eaten out every night since I started and been able to stay under my goal.  Today I wanted cereal for lunch, so I actually got out the measuring cups and measured how much cereal I was going to eat.  I can promise that was the first time that has happened!  I was actually eating much more than I should be just by filling my cereal bowl all the way up.  I'm doing better about learning how much you should eat, but I'm sure I have a lot more to learn!

I'm hoping to stick with it (I realize it has only been a couple of days) and be at my goal weight by my birthday!

Monday, May 7, 2012

10 things- always playing catch up!

I promise I've been intending to write a post in the last month, I just never got around to it.   Blogging was always on my to-do list, and pretty much never got crossed off.

1. Since my last post, I've been going to the gym pretty regularly.  I usually go to a Zumba class at 9 am on Saturdays, and then 2-3 other times during the week, I go and work out on the machines.  Usually I do the elliptical, but it just depends on what is open and which tv screen I think I can see without my contacts!  :)

2. I'm also taking suggestions for good workout tunes!  I tried to use stuff that I've already got on my phone, but what I think sounds good at home usually hasn't worked out to be good for the gym.

3. I went to volunteer for the Arkansas Rice Depot.  That was a different experience!  Apparently every time you go, the job might be something different.  On my day, it was chiseling (like with a chisel) 1500 pound blocks of frozen rice into family sized servings and packaging it up to go to food banks.  That was crazy.  I've never seen so much rice in my life!  I'm going back to volunteer again in a couple of weeks, and I'm excited to see what job I get then!

4. My church had a family life picnic with an Olympics theme.  There was a cookie/brownie contest, and this was my entry, chocolate chip thumbprints:

The frosting was Nutella.  They were pretty good, if I do say so myself.  However, I didn't win a prize.  I never win anything in the baking competitions at church.  :(

5. This picture is the most ridiculous thing ever.  We were doing a three stooges race at the Olympics. 

Basically, myself and two friends had our legs tied together like a three legged race.  I realize that this picture is not good at all, but that makes it more funny.  Our sandals kept coming off, so we had to run barefooted- which is not something I really like to do.  We won the first race, but lost the second one (really bad!)

6. I went to see a new doctor last week, and I absolutely loved her.  If any of you in Central Arkansas are looking for a new doctor, I'll give you the info.  I did have to wait about 6 months for an appointment though for a new patient.  Apparently it is not that bad for existing patients.  I actually spent about 45 minutes with the doctor, which is rare.

7. The other day, when my friend Lyndsey was in town, we went to get frozen yogurt, at my favorite- Orange Leaf.  You must try the cotton candy flavor if you can!  I promise- it sound gross but is super delicious.  Anyway- I went to pick her up, and no joke- I had to wait for 4 geese (does that could as a gaggle???) to walk ever so slowly across the road, stand in the middle of the road to poop, and then walk slowly to the other side.  Keep in mind that this was right smack in the middle of Little Rock.  I felt like I was in the country or something.  ha!

8. My sister turned 8, and I got her this giant balloon.  It was almost as big as she was!

9. I will not be able to ring with the rest of my bell choir at our next performance because I will be on a trip.  So I have been acting as a sub for anyone who is not there that day.  Tonight I played my old bells in the back row, and I had to have moleskin for my hand.  Playing in the front row (where I am now) is turning me into a wuss!  Never ever did I do this when I actually played there every week.

10.  This is the best one.  So yesterday, I went to Sams to get some medicine.  While I was in the checkout line, I saw this giant box of popsicles that have flavors like Root Beer, Dr Pepper, and Hawaiian Punch.  My sister loves the Root Beer ones, and I'm thinking I will like the Dr Pepper ones, so I got a box.  120 popsicles for like $7?  Sold.  Then tonight I was looking at my receipt, and look what it is called on there.
Um yeah.  So who wants some Freezer Barf?