Friday, April 19, 2013

Poker Run

Back in March, I ran the Poker Run 5k with Lyndsey. She has her act together a little better, and posted about this a while ago. :)

This was pretty much the worst 5k I have ever run since I have actually been running. I think I was around 35ish minutes but honestly I didn't really care about the time, because I was just so glad to be done! Lyndsey warned me about the course but I thought she was just exaggerating. She wasn't. This was pretty much the most hilly course you can imagine. I am not in terrible shape, and I had to walk the last 2 hills because I couldn't breathe. I was wheezing- and I don't have asthma or anything. It didn't help any that the temperature so freaking cold!

When we got to the race and checked in- we had a while to wait so we ended up in my car to stay a little warm.

The race was neat because at each kilometer, we got a playing card. There were prizes for the best hand and the worst hand, as well as door prizes. Lyndsey won the worst hand and I got a door prize. I am glad that we both won something! She got baseball tickets and I got an insulated bag filled with a bunch of samples.

Lyndsey is super fast at running, at least compared to me. She was finished and waiting at the finish line for me with some of her family who came to cheer her on. So I was lucky to get a few pictures of me crossing the finish line!

After the race, we went to the pizza restaurant/bar that was sponsoring the race. We got pint glasses instead of t-shirts at the race and we could take our glass to the restaurant and get beer (or diet coke like me! Ha!). Lyndsey's mom and son came to eat with us, and we had a fun time!

This race made me so scared for the Hogeye marathon relay that I did this past week (I promise I will try to be more timely with that post...), but even though the Hogeye was more than twice as long, it was no where near as hard as that poker run! I don't think I will sign up for the poker run again, just because it was so hard, although I did have a fun time!

On Sunday, we had to leave a little early because it started snowing huge snowflakes! I was scared to wait any longer because there are so many bridges along I-540. We made it home without incident, thankfully. And funny story- we stopped in Alma, AR at McDonald's for lunch, and I ran into the lady who cuts my hair in Little Rock! What a small world!

I am still not sure how to handle these pictures while posting from my iPad, so if anyone has any tips, please let me know. Otherwise, they will just all be at the end. I am sure you can figure out which picture goes with which part of the story. :)