Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rewind to July

Blogging this far behind is really hard.  I'm having to raid my facebook to remember what all happened.

Looks like I went to see Magic Mike with my friends Karen and Ashley.  I was supposed to dog sit for my friend Cherry, but the dogs got sick and I had to board them instead.  That worked out better for me anyway- less work.  Ha.  But on the downside, there was some ex drama.  Of course.  Somehow we just can't manage to get along.  Something about not doing what you tell me you are going to do just pisses me off.  :)

I found a freaking scorpion in my garage!!! I knew that we have them in Arkansas, but I like to pretend that we don't.  I've never seen one in real life, so all I knew was from the movies and such, where they kill you.  I didn't know if their stinger could go through your shoes or not, so I thought it might be a bad idea to step on it.  So I threw my shoe at it- and of course missed!  Those suckers are fast.  But I got him on my second try.  Luckily I have not seen any more.  I did look it up on the internet, and it appears that the one in Arkansas will not kill you.  Good to know- but I'm still going to throw my shoe at the next one I see anyway.

I went to the lake with my family.  That is not my favorite place to be, but I tried to make the best of it.  My aunt and I took a half day excursion to the outlet mall about 45 minutes away from the lake and I scored some pretty good deals, including a dress and necklace from Banana Republic that I'm pretty sure people are getting sick of seeing since I wear it so often!

I made these chocolate covered strawberries.  They were a big hit.  Definitely making them again next year!  I got the idea from Pinterest- can't take credit for this one.

I made a "secret" cake and wouldn't tell anyone about it.  I also got this recipe from pinterest.  Here's what it looked like on the outside:
And here's the inside:
I was super excited about this cake!!! :)
We had a cactus dog competition.  Apparently my dad and sister went to an air show and they had cactus dogs, which was a hot dog that was cut and then boiled so that it looked like a cactus.  So we had to have a competition.  This was my entry:
I was going for pickle relish to make the cactus green, and the crackers were supposed to be sand.  I either won or got runner up, the judging was kind of sketchy since it was coming from an 8 year old.  I think the winner changed a couple of times.

I tried a chocolate chip cookie dough popsicle recipe from Pinterest.  It was not my fav but my sister liked them.  I think I want to try more popsicle recipes with juice or something for the base instead of milk.

My car had it's first birthday.  Everyone was making fun of me and asking how in the world I remembered that.  I actually didn't remember- the car dealership sent me a happy birthday email. Ha!

I got some fancy new running shoes.   The jury is still out on if they help or not.  They have more support in them than I am used to, and I think it feels kind of weird. 

My sister and I went to the skating rink with my friend Mary and two of her kids.  I had a Groupon that included our admission plus pizza and soda.  Let me just warn you- do not order pizza at the skating rink.  It was so disgusting that we could not even give it away to teenagers. 

I got a new garage door opener.  I was really trying to tough it out and deal with the one I had, but its little attitude finally got to me.  It would just decide when it wanted to work or not, and the day I had to manually open and close the door to get to work was the last straw.  I absolutely love my new one.  It is so quiet and has a motion detecting light and kid smashing sensors and all that.  I only wish I would have gotten it sooner.  oh well.  Better late than never?

I am clumsy.  I often spill things.  Especially my water at work.  One day I spilled water all over the papers on my desk, and right into my lap.  My pants looked like I peed myself, and my chair was so wet that I had to stand to work for the last hour of the day.  At least I gave everyone a good laugh...

Another Pinterest project:

I met up with some other ladies in my area from my sorority to have a recommendation letter writing party.  I made these cupcakes.  Our sorority's colors are white and blue, so I wanted the cupcake liners to go along with that.  I had white liners, and then I saw something on Pinterest about dying the edges a different color with food coloring.  It was more difficult than I thought it would be, but I was very happy with the results.
This post is getting pretty long, so I think I will do the rest of the month another time in another post.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

June Part 4 (the last one!)

This is the last post about the month of June!

When I came back from Minnesota, my cousin who lives in Ohio was in town for a few days.  We went to my mom's work picnic at the Traveler's baseball game at Dickey Stephens Park.  I love me some baseball!  And after the game, there was a diamond dig in the infield dirt.  We did not win.  It is hard to dig in compacted dirt with a plastic spoon!

The Razorback baseball team was in the College World Series, and I watched every game.  One game came on during my favorite show- the Bachelorette- so I watched the Bachelorette on my tv and the game on my laptop.  It was amazing!  Two fabulous things at once!

Somebody ran into the front of my car in a parking lot.  I thought that was what happened, but I was too afraid to confront them because I didn't see it happen, just two huge dudes hanging suspiciously around the front of my car.  I was going out to the car to put a bag in the trunk and then run into the next store and when I came out of the next store they were gone.  When I got a chance to look at it better, the license plate and cover on the front were broken.  It is not a big deal, but I wish the people would have at least apologized!

We had Vacation Bible School at my church.  It was so exhausting.  I had the 3rd-5th graders.  I had to go into work late twice because I was so tired!

I watched the Olympic trials.  I love the Olympics (which is what I am watching right now!).  I guess I love most sporting events.  During the Olympic trials, it just so happened that I did not have any plans at all.  It kind of freaked me out because I am always so busy!  But it worked out- because I was bored, I did a lot of cleaning- even some deep cleaning that doesn't get done often.

Next up- July!