Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Everything from the Super Bowl to Roller Derby

Playing catch up again...

Of course I went to a Super Bowl party- and of course it was a couple of weeks ago.  :)  I may or may not have only watched the last 5 minutes of the game...

I am not really all that interested in NFL football.  The Razorbacks, yes.  But NFL, no.  I only watch NFL games when I have a fantasy football team.  I never really have gotten a favorite team in the NFL, so for me, the Super Bowl is about eating lots of bad-for-you food and hanging out with my friends.

My contribution to the waist lines of my friends was cotton candy bars.

The recipe called for a cup of sprinkles, which I thought wouldn't be a problem since I bake all the time and have gathered up quite the collection of different kinds of sprinkles.  Y'all.  1 cup of sprinkles is a lot.  Like a whole lot.  Here's a picture of everything before I mixed it up:

It is pretty though!  I had to use some Halloween black sprinkles too, so instead of being blue, the bars were black so it was a little tricky as they looked like chocolate but they weren't.
Here's the finished product.  They were delicious!
We had a going away party for one of my coworkers.  I was on cupcake duty.  Here's the finished product, minus a few cupcakes that wouldn't fit into the box.
The cupcakes turned out fine, but it was one disaster after another to get them done.  That is why I could never be a baker for my job- it is too stressful.  I always want them to be perfect, and it rarely turns out like I intended.  I was only planning on having two variations of cupcakes.... and I turned out to have 6.  At the end of the evening, I had dropped an egg on the kitchen floor, sprinkles all over the cabinet, and icing all down the side of the refrigerator.  However, I got many compliments on the cupcakes, so I guess it was all ok in the end.
Each Saturday in February, Eggshells has held a free pie making class.  I went last Saturday for the cherry pie making class, and it was so much fun- not to mention tasty!  :)  First we learned how to make the pie crust.  Even with all of my baking- I am pretty sure that this was my first time to make a pie.  The pie crust is a great recipe and I definitely learned a lot in that area.  Here is my pie crust in the pan:
Me and my cousin at the pie making class:
Next we added the filling- which was just frozen cherries, sugar, and cornstarch.

I had no idea that was how you make the filling.  I definitely thought there had to be something juicy in there for the filling- but y'all.  This recipe is fab.  And I don't even really like cherry pie, or so I thought.  I could have eaten a whole pie by myself.  I mean- it's fruit right?  Ha.

Here I am with my pie before vent holes (or a smiley face):

And here is the finished product:
I think I will be making a pie the next time I have to bring a dessert somewhere.  This is an award winner!
We also went to the Roller Derby.  I have been intending to go to see the roller derby for a long time, but it just never worked out.  We had a great time and I can't wait to go back.  A bunch of my coworkers (both past and present) are in the roller derby, so there are lots of familiar faces.
Monday, my friend Cherry and I went to Oaklawn, about an hour away.  Luckily the rain mostly stayed away and we were able to stay through the 8th race.  After that, we were wet and cold and wanted to get home in time to watch the Bachelor.  :)

It is currently sleeting outside and below freezing.  I'm not excited about getting to work tomorrow.  Maybe it will be cancelled?  {Wishful thinking!}  I also got a text message from Entergy about preparing for power outages, and the weather man said on the news last night that power outages were likely.  I am so sick of the power going out!  I think we have had our fair share plus some of power outages.  Hopefully the power stays on and the roads stay clear!