Saturday, February 8, 2014

January in Review

Y'all. What is going on? A monthly update a week after the month is over?  Who am I? Ha. You have the snow day (AGAIN) to thank. Maybe I am slowly getting back into the blogging groove. 

I spent New Year's Eve with a few friends by eating at Bonefish and then going back to someone's house for a game night. There is some video evidence of the rock band... However that will stay hidden as blackmail. Ha. 

I finally got my car back from the body shop due to the deer running into the side of me. It was there for three weeks, and when I got it back, the battery was dead. Nice. 

I saw this on Pinterest and it thought it was pretty funny. My name is Muscular Ass. What's yours?

January was super busy but not that exciting, so I don't have a lot of fun pictures. This is the third time this month that we have had a snow day. I am so over it. 

Here was my street last night after the snow had been falling for a couple of hours. 

At least we haven't lost power yet. I get a little bored stuck in the house all day! At least there are more options when the power is on. 

I am glad the Olympics are on so I have something to watch if I am stuck inside!  Go USA!

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  1. You'd never know what will hit you, or what you'll hit next while on the road. It could be another car, lampost, a deer, or even another human being. Thankfully, you didn't appear to have gotten banged up because of that. It’s better that your car take the damage instead of you in accidents like that. Well, I hope that aside from the battery that needs to be replaced, your car is running nicely once you got it to the shop. Stay safe!

    Jaime Mcgee @ Michael's Auto Body of Castle Rock