Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Baseball Season!

Last night, Arkansas played Memphis here in North Little Rock at Dickey-Stephens Park.  My brother is home from college on Spring Break, so we went to cheer on the Hogs to victory.  Here we are just after getting there:

Oh, how I love Razorback baseball.  It was interesting though.  It took us about an hour to get there and find parking, where it would normally be only about 15-20 minutes.  If we would have taken my brother's truck, we might have been able to park a little quicker because there were some spaces on the curb, but I was afraid that my little old car would get stuck if I tried to drive it up a curb with 2 people in it. haha!  (And the curb spots were free!  We had to pay $10 to park in a shady parking lot a couple of blocks away.  It was only $5 to park right next to the stadium in their parking lot.  I guess we should have gone a little earlier.) There were 10,065 people there, and it was sold out.  This is the same stadium where our Travelers play, and I don't think they have ever had a sold out game?  I bet there were 3 times as many people there last night as at a typical Travs game, and they doubled the ticket price.  All of the actual seats were sold out when I got our tickets, so we ended up with berm tickets.  I think I may have expressed my feelings towards the outdoors on here before.  I don't like to be outside really, and I especially don't want to sit in the grass. :)  As luck would have it, even though we had berm tickets, the whole Freaking berm was stuffed full of people.  We couldn't even find a seat unless we wanted to sit in a stranger's lap.  We ended up standing behind one of the seated sections because we could see better anyway.  A family left about halfway through the game, so we were able to snag their seats. Score!

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