Monday, March 28, 2011

New Lights

First of all, do any of you still have a bracket that is not busted?  If you read my picks from my last post, you would know that mine has been busted since Friday.  Sad.  I guess I can hold out hope for the random prize, because I am in 18th-ish place now, with no hope of getting any more points.

This weekend, my brother came over to mow my yard and to install some new light fixtures.  A lady at my mom's work gave them to me.  I have already changed most of the light fixtures (using the term "I" loosely) in my house since I moved in, but I still had these lovely old creatures hanging around in my laundry room.

There are two lights in my laundry room, and these old ones just were kind of outdated.  They also only have one light bulb, so they didn't put out a lot of light.  We traded them for these, which have 2 light bulbs and give out more light so I can see better!

My friend Lyndsey just posted on my facebook that her husband calls these the boob lights.  ha!  Anyway, I'll take the free, bright boob lights over the ugly, dim 70s lights any day.

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