Monday, March 14, 2011

This is why my brain is not functioning today.

So this weekend has sufficiently worn me out.  Friday I left work early because I wasn't feeling so hot.  I think it was just because I was already tired.  No fever or anything.  Then Friday night my church had a 24-hour prayer retreat, but I was assured that we would have plenty of sleeping time, so I went ahead and attended.  It was a good time.  However, I was even more tired by the time we left.  Then Saturday night my friend Karen was having what we have lovingly come to call a Glee-A-Thon, where we eat and talk and watch an episode or two or three of Glee.  I only stayed through 2 epidsodes because I was so tired.  Then of course Daylight Savings Time had to happen on the day that I had to be at church early (like 2 hours early- so with the time change 3 hours early) to play handbells.  Let's just say that caffeine was most certainly my friend yesterday.  I was trying to not take a nap on Sunday afternoon because usually I can't sleep at night when I do that, but I accidentally fell asleep for about an hour and a half before my Sunday night Bible study.  Luckily though, I was able to sleep last night. 

Also my washing machine kind of went on the fritz yesterday before my nap.  It decided to randomly stop working twice yesterday on the same load of laundry.  I have done one load since then without problems so I am hoping it was just having a temper tantrum.  I don't really want to have to deal with getting a new washer right now.

So onto today.  This has been one disaster of a day.  Nothing really bad has actually happened, it just seems like nothing is going smoothly.  I actually got out of bed when my alarm went off this morning (WHAT??!  that never happens....) and left for work about 20 minutes early with the thought that if I went in early, then I could leave early.  Well... considering that it took me an hour and 10 minutes to get to work and I was 10 minutes late, that sure isn't going to happen.   The traffic was absolutely terrible!  Apparently some fine gentleman put some briefcases on the overpass onto the freeway right beside my neighborhood.  Basically it was a bomb scare and the bomb squad had to come take care of things.  I mean seriously?  Who does that?  People are crazy.  Then there was another accident on the freeway.  And then finally when I was almost to my parking lot, some genious bicyclist (who I couldn't even see- did I mention that it was dark and dreary and raining this morning?) decided that he shouldn't look to see if the person driving the car (me) saw him going through the intersection without even slowing down, and he drove right in front of my car.  Of course when I saw him, I slammed on my brakes and then because of the wet roads, my car skidded across the road.  Oh man, I almost had a heart attack.  I was half mad at the guy and half glad I didn't hit him.

Also I am a Tuesday juror, so I have to call every Monday to see if I have to report to the courthouse the next day.  I have to call between 10 am and 1 pm.  Guess what time I remembered?  12:50.  Seriously. 

Also, in case you have been living under a rock, today is the finale of the Bachelor.  I am excited to see who he picks, but I sure hope it is Emily.  Chantal is crazy and I do not like her.  I have handbells practice until 7:30 (show starts at 7) but I'm going to see if we can somehow work a deal to get out early since we just performed yesterday.  :)

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