Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring has sprung.

Two things.

First- the weekend.  It was crazy.  I spent practically all my free time watching basketball.  But that is the second thing, so we won't talk about that now.  :)

Saturday, Heifer Village had a family fun day called Spring Celebration of Life.  They had alot of different animals there to pet and look at.  There was a scavenger hunt and lots of fun things to do.  Here I am with half of the sign in front of the building because my little sister took the picture....

While we were downtown, we went with some friends to Riverfront Park for a picnic and to play at the park.  Then we ran home really quick to plant the stuff that we got from Heifer Village.  We got a bookmark that had wildflower seeds in it that you planted and then the bookmark would decompose.  We planted that by the front steps to my house.  She also planted some cucumber seeds in a toilet paper roll, and they told us that we could just plant the whole thing in the ground and it should grow.  That was pretty hard to do since my yard is so rocky.  We will see if any of the seeds actually grow.  Then I went to an Arbonne party, and Sunday was pretty laid back- just church and basketball and cleaning.

Now on to the second thing- the NCAA tournament.  Do you have a bracket?  I made one and there are 28 people in my pool.  I think I am in 18th place.  boo.  Yesterday was a bad, bad day for my teams.  I was doing pretty well until yesterday.  I only have 7 teams in the sweet sixteen, and only 3 of my teams are left in the final four.  I don't think I even want to know how much of my weekend was consumed by basketball...  However, there are prizes at stake, so I am trying to somehow redeem my choices and cheer my (few) teams on to victory.  I guess it is a good thing that there are not any more games until Thursday so that I can have my evenings back for a few days.  :)

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