Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Fun

Better late than never....

Monday I went to my grandmother's house for lunch.  We were all supposed to bring something, so I brought some stuffed mushrooms and I tried to make some peppermint petit fors.  This is one baking experiment that did not go well.  Although I'm not so sure that we can even call it a baking experiment because I didn't use the oven, only the microwave.
This is what they looked like before the icing:
Unfortunately this is about as good as it gets.  The icing did not work properly, even though I used my new candy thermometer and followed the directions exactly!  Every time I try to make something with cream of tartar as an ingredient, it never works out.  Pretty soon I am going to boycot all recipes with this as an ingredient!!  I still took them to the lunch, and they really were not that good. haha.  What a waste of a perfectly good pound cake.  :)

After lunch, my mom and I went to see the Traveler's last baseball game of the season.  It was really freaking hot.  I got pretty sunburned on my chest and arms and legs because I forgot sunscreen....
Here we are:

We actually broke the rules because we were supposed to sit in the berm, but who wants to sit on the grass?  I didn't mean to buy berm tickets.... luckily nobody cared and probably thought we were stupid for sitting in the burning hot sun instead of standing back in the shade behind all the seats.

This was the first event in the RazorRock Festivities and after the game there was some kind of food festival.  We stayed because it was free, but then you had to pay for food and like I have already said, we were about to die because it was so hot, so we looked at some jewelry and then went to Sam's to pick up some necessities (i.e. Vitamin water and Flinstones vitamins... ha!).  I also had handbell practice on Monday night, where I proceeded to give myself bruises from dampening my bells.  I looked pretty funny yesterday with my sunburn and bruises.  Both are starting to fade now, so you can't really see it, otherwise I would take a picture to show you.  :)

Unfortunately nothing exciting has happened since then.....

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