Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No people?

Apparently I didn't do anything with any people this weekend, since all of my pictures are of things, and not people.  I did get this cute sign for my front door as a Halloween decoration.
It is glittery, it is just hard to tell in this picture.  :)  I don't like scary or gross decorations, only cute ones!!  That has been seriously limiting my choice of decorations this year.  I also got a chalkboard for my kitchen:
The end of this cabinet has been bothering me since before I even moved in.  I bought a cross to put up there, but it was too big and ended up in the entryway, so I have been looking around for something, and I thought this would be perfect.  Unfortunately the chalk I bought is crap and I will have to buy some other kind of chalk for writing!

One project that I did finish up this weekend was my Razorback door sign.  I wanted something to support the Hogs, but I am poor, so I decided to make my own. haha.

First I got some scrap wood out of my mom's garage and had her cut it for me... I don't do so well with saws. haha.  Then I painted it red.  I was a little disappointed with this paint because it was supposed to be a metallic finish and it is not, but whatever- I think it worked out fine.
Luckily this scrap wood used to be the back of a calendar and already had 2 holes drilled in it for hanging.  Also please excuse my foot in the bottom of that picture. ha.

Then I decided to paint some polka dots on the board because polka dots are pretty much my favorite thing.
This actually took me a really long time because I like for everything to be lined up in a straight line. ha.  It is hard to be "random."  Then I painted "go hogs go" on it with white paint.
I ended up tracing around the edges of the letters with a silver paint pen because (a) I already had it so it was free, and (b) the letters were a little jagged from my less than stellar painting job, and (c) because I like for things to be shiny.  Then I put some ribbon through the holes to hang it on the door.
I love it!  But now I have a problem because I have to choose between this one and the Halloween one.  My front door will definitely be sporting the hogs one for this Saturday when my #10 Hogs take on #1 Alabama at 2:30 on CBS!!!  So excited for game day this week!

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  1. Love the hogs sign! You could alternate between the two signs depending on whether there is a game that day or not :)