Monday, September 20, 2010

My day off

I took Friday off.  I was going to be the only one in my office, so I decided I would just stay home.  I was housesitting, so I got up bright and early on my day off to go back to my house.  A few weeks ago, my church had a fish fry and silent auction to raise some money, and I donated a gift certificate for 2 dozen jumbo cupcakes.  After talking to the person that won them, we decided to have them ready on Friday.  So I decided to take off work and bake them and not be bored in my office by myself.  I got home about 7:30ish and started baking.  Here are the cupcakes cooling:
Yellow butter cake


 I would like to mention to you that there are no cans of pumpkin in central Arkansas.  I finally found some Pumpkin Pie mix which I decided would have to do.  I hope the grocery stores get some pumpkin soon!!  And they were not burnt, they just look more brown than they actually were in these pictures.

While they were cooling, my grandmother called and said she bought me some shoes and wanted me to come try them on.  (Plus I had her credit card because we were going to go up to Fayetteville for a Razorback football game, but it turns out we can't go now because the only game I can make it to falls on opening day of hunting season or something and so my brother who is in school there will be gone hunting.  figures.)  So I went and got the shoes, and on my way home I passed a garage sale.  I have been looking for a table for my entry way for quite some time, and I happened to see that they had some furniture.  They did have a table, but I was afraid it was too long and that my door wouldn't be able to open all the way.  It was on sale for only $15, so it was such a good deal.  I called my grandmother and she went over there to measure the table (it was right down her street) and I measured my space, and unfortunately it was too long.  :(  So I am still on the lookout for a new entry table.

Anyway, back to the cupcakes. haha.  They turned out pretty well.  The chocolate frosting was a little thicker than I wanted, but I made it work.   I was pretty proud of them.
Yellow butter cake with chocolate icing
Pumpkin with cream cheese icing
When the lady came to my house to pick the cupcakes up, my house looked like a bomb exploded.  I was so embarrassed.  I had laundry (folded at least) all over my living room, a bowl of icing on the counter with the beater still in it, dishes in the sink, and icing all over the floor.  I was hoping to have time to clean some before she came over, but I barely finished them in time.  The whole table drama threw me off schedule. :)  Anyway she got her cupcakes and I think she was happy with them!


  1. What did you use to get your icing to look like that? Very yummy!!!

  2. I used the Wilton tip 2D; and it is large so you have to use the large coupler with it. I took a decorating class at Hobby Lobby a few months ago. I keep meaning to finish the classes but I have so much going on right now!

  3. I'm wanting to sign up for those classes!! I'm hoping to soon!

  4. You should totally do it! It is so much fun! The classes at Hobby Lobby are not that expensive, but you do have to buy a lot of things if you don't have them already.